The Awakening – it happens when it happens.

It has almost been a year since I embarked on this journey of mine on social media. It started on Instagram which you are more than welcome to view @ the_little_hub of inspiration. I will be using some images from there for this platform of my story and messages as they really capture moments of inspirations and messages for us all.

Sooo without me repeating myself too much I discovered my inner knowing – connection to my higher self and intuitive side (that I suppose was always there), as I bought my first set of tarot cards about 8 or 9 years ago. (This deck purchased, too has a little story itself which i will share one day in another blog) the awakening, the purchases, the meeting of people – it makes me think about timing and how being ready is very important in the awakening process. It happens when it happens. You cannot just be awakened because you are told too or have read too. Yes we can read around to understand the process, but it has to happen within, it cannot be explained how to have an awakening and then you have one. What is it i hear you ask? it is such an overwhelming feeling of undrstanding and things finally making sense. Our purpose of life (or the start of the journey to the discovery of), the choices we make, how we should live our life and what really is the most important thing in life. But also that, to each and every one of us it will come when its meant too. In this lifetime it can be from past life experiences and if you really want to go deep with me then its about what you encountered in other lives from the start of human kind that has brought you to the present at this exact time. The more times you have come to this earth will also be how quick you awaken in your next life. Have you ever come across a youngster wise beyond their years… or a familiar place or face that you have never been or seen well there you have, but most likely in another lifetime. Sometimes it can take tower moments in life to awaken as we search for answers because of life changing obstacles in that we eventually overcome such as loss, seperation and upset. This is because the situation gets us to really search within and look for answers. It’s about not blaming anyone else for your choices and mistakes and being responsible for your own journey and happiness (yes I hear you easier said than done..its about trying…stepping away from situations and people who bring you down). Karma. But it is a process and it still takes time to fully accept as our ‘ego’ is still always hovering pulling us another way… Balance is key and logic and definitely help from family, friends and faith. This can be who ever you feel that is from…label how ever you want..The Universe, Spirit, Angels Archangels, Ancestors, Guardian angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, God, Ascending Masters and even Fairies….for me its all the above and then some.

Going back to what i was saying about reasons that can build up to your awakening, it can take many years. For me it was the loss of a child at still birth, numerous miscarriages, a complictaed marriage, which I persevered with and stlll bloody do ha ha, but also everyday lifes challanges from relationships, tough situations and being a parent. It was after the dust had settled in my busy life so too speak…I didn’t work, my kids were growing and I was settled. All but for one issue, after my degree which I completed as a mature student lol I could not find any job or career I liked..had I got too comfortable in being a stay at home mom?… But I found I didn’t like being around certain people…I found myself distancing from people with sides to them I did not like, the bitchyness which I would normally brush off, the self – absorbed – and cannot see themselves being selfish, demanding and just plain rude, the if your going to speak to them-then I’m goin to be awkawrd with you type of person. The jelousy. The not liking if I see a point of view from another side, type of people. There is easy three or four sides to any story..I strive for balance because, no I’m not a walk over but thats their journey and lessons of karma not mine. Mine is how i react and I’ll always strive to be a good person. But I am passed going beyond fourth and fifth chances… I will not be told who I can and cannot associate with.

What i finally came to understand is that in order to connect to another you need to be able to relate, you cannot understand, help and guide others if you have not truely felt anguish, upset and tough times and faced challenges with out experiencing them. My life lessons are my experiences good and sad…which is why I’m here.

If you want to stay with me on my journey of discovery, stay tuned and reach out if you went through or are going through this too. It is why i started this blog, to share my story and how the cards are apart of that for me and you.

…and for the skeptics out there i understand but this is my journey and my opinion, be open minded and kind as i would be with you. We all have our ways of undertanding and coping and have faith in something, so if its different to yours then ok.

Love, faith, peace and hope, let the light shine through your strife.

Published by Ruchy C-Heer

Intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, to help inspire and guide you on your journey called life, with my cards and experiences of life.

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