July 2020 ♓♒♑♐♏♎ Energy Horoscopes ♍♌♋♋♊♈

Hey all for the month of #July 2020 I thought I would give you all some possible energies for your Horoscope signs.
If your into your horoscopes, the 12 Zodiacs which will come under the #Fire, #Earth, #Air or #Water elements.
I’ve used 3 Angel Tarot cards and #Energy #Oraclecards.
What I have found across the majority of sun signs/star signs is alot of reflection and perseverance, and basically making good choices to see how we can look after ourselves mentally, emotionally and come together and ask for help. But also, be ready to take action because all those ideas and #newbeginnings will soon be here to start, not at speed but steadily. Have faith #World it’s all about planning now. Be better, do better and feel better…how about that for a plan!
It is never going to be easy to see past these challenging times and for so many who have suffered loss and hardship in so many different ways, it’s still a journey of your recovery, but I hope one day, in your own time you and your loved ones find your way. Love, faith, hope and happiness Ruchy ❤

FIRE ♈ Aries ~ March 21- April 20
Moving on from: Queen of Swords/Air Energy
Moving on to: #Temperance/Balance
Possible Outcome Energy: 8 of Swords/Air
Overall Energy for July 2020, Walking Away.

Here you may be walking away from a situation or person that was mentally head strong, an authoritarian, but soon into a more balanced harmonious energy, giving and taking #equally into #relationships. The overall energy also supports this but walking through the gate looking back and what is being left behind if you do walk away. #Blossoming #abundance and a new path or with the 8 of swords holding yourself back mentally in a false sense of entrapment. But I suppose presently we all kind of are in a restrictive place – but only if we let it, be free all and fly this July…

EARTH ♉ Taurus ~ April 21 May 21
Moving on from: Ten of Fire/Wands
Moving on to: 9 of Fire/Wands
Possible Outcome Energy: 6 of Earth
Overall Energy for July 2020, Door to #Value.

The heavy burden of the past work situation could link to your everyday situation on #July around your passions an spirit being burden, working from home with the kids under your feet or some type of work situation work or a situation which needs you to persevere because this #perseverance will ensure the money and balance is there just when you need it…what is more important now after a time of change what have you relised …when love is around us❤….#wetwetwet comes to mind.

AIR ♊ Gemini ~ May 22 – June 21
Moving on from: The Magician
Moving on to: 3 of Water/Cups
Possible Outcome Energy: Knight of Earth/Pentacles
Overall Energy for July 2020, Magician and the Mirror.

Now here we have two very similar cards the past card the magician and the Energy card. I’ll keep it simple you will have all the resources you need to be what you want to be or have a career/ job /idea a time soon of celebration and joy, and the knight smack bang in the middle slowest of all the knights but the making of a very stable, grounded and wealthy person way way in the future when they become king or queen amplified this is double double orrrrr is it saying beware of the trickster in your midst. Either way you got this! go be a go getter! Some very happy news will soon be on it’s way!

WATER ♋ Cancer ~ June 22 – July 22
Moving on from: Four of Air/Swords
Moving on to: Two of Earth/Pentacles
Possible Outcome Energy: The Chariot
Overall Energy for July 2020, Rest and #Rejuvenation.

After all that contemplating and setting the mind straight finding a bit of clarity, the financial situation may become been a bit of a balancing act, this may cause some conflict in ideas back and fourth or having to relocate for a short while. But all that will help your situation, don’t forget where we have will, we will find away. Positive, mental …attitude.

FIRE ♌ Leo ~ July 23 – Aug 23
Moving on from: 7 of Air/Swords
Moving on to: The Hermit
Possible Outcome Energy: 7 of Earth Pentacles
Overall Energy for July 2020, Storm Warning and The World

Ok so moving away from a bit of tricky situation, #sneaky sneaky aye ..choices and hopefully they will be good ones as you will be in a time of reflection from this energy, maybe even some #spiritualgrowth for some. Realising or discovering personal truths about ones self, alone time can do that to us …but it’s all part of #growth…and that’s the best thing about discovery learning and being better! The 7 of water is just that, not eluding ourselves but to see the magic in having alot of choices and benefiting from good ones, we reep what we sow.
The #storm will be over and you need to see what else is out there recovery and reconnect and make new connections, be open to all the choices you have try not to limit yourself into a one way mindset of thinking.

EARTH ♍ Virgo ~ Aug 24 – Sept 22
Moving on from: Queen of Fire/Wands
Moving on to: Ace of Air/Swords
Possible Outcome Energy: Queen of Water/Cups
Overall Energy for July 2020, Man Holding #Heart.

To me this says going from a driven #passionate individual to a more caring emotional and loving one, #discovering who you are again, maybe all that time together you will discover what your busy lives can sometimes make you forget. Whether it is looking after family being with the kids and seeing your partner again abit of self#love and how potentially seeing each other how you did when when you first met …awwww ain’t that #bliss.

AIR ♎ Libra ~ Sept 23 – Oct 23
Moving on from: 4 of Fire/Wands
Moving on to: Six of Earth/Pentacles
Possible Outcome Energy: 3 of Earth/Pentacles
Overall Energy for July 2020, Angel of Love.

Well from a stable home life and #happier times your possibley going to see that you come to a point where you will feel your not so stable but the 6 of earth says you will have just what you need when you need it do not worry about #finances. Carefully balanced you will find that spark and creativity again maybe learn a new skill ..if you feel lost or alone never fear your #Angel’s are near #guiding you lovingly on your way.

WATER ♏ Scorpio ~ Oct 24 – Nov 22
Moving on from: 9 of Fire/Wands
Moving on to: Ten of Earth/Pentacles
Possible Outcome Energy: The Chariot
Overall Energy for July 2020, The Fourth #Chakra

If You persevered over the past weeks, it will pay off you will hit the 10 of pentacles. A happy home with the #Chariot possibly even your #dream home. It’s a sign of #completion follow your heart, look after your heart and listen to your heart, love yourself and your family make it the best time yet. You will soon start something new and your cycle will be turning again. What goes round comes round.

FIRE ♐ Sagittarius ~ Nov 23 – Dec 21
Moving on from: Ace of Fire/Wands
Moving on to: The Highest Priestess
Possible Outcome Energy: 4 of Air/#Swords
Overall Energy for July 2020, Victory.

That new idea or new #passion that was ignited but you feel is fizzling out it’s not! It’s just on hold ! And you may not see it just yet. It’s ok take take a break think find out the #secrets or what’s hidden, alot of this is deep within ourselves when we do this we are at peace mentally to make good solid choices, what are you not seeing or what’s blocking you, step forward #emotionally and mentally you will find answers.

EARTH ♑ Capricorn ~ Dec 22 -Jan 20
Moving on from: Judgement
Moving on to: Page of Earth/Pentacles
Possible Outcome Energy: 3 of Water/Cups
Overall Energy for July 2020, Broken Heart.

Here your see that if you had missed #opportunities and took those second chances you will start new financial journey that is alot more #stable and #grounded than the past. It might be slower in #progressing but you will benefit in the long run it’s about the seeds right now sow them deep with #nurture and love they will stand the test of time.

AIR ♒ Aquarius ~ Jan 21 – Feb 18
Moving on from: 5 of Earth/#Pentacles
Moving on to: 3 of Air/Swords
Possible Outcome Energy: 2 of Water/Cups
Overall Energy for July 2020, Angel of #Balance.

Leaving behind the thought of being left out in the cold, possibley a time of loss of some sort job/home but help was there maybe you chose not to see it or share it not wanting to burden anyone else or not help someone else in need. This #action may cause #heartbreak as a result and possibley illness. However have faith and make the good choices, because you #discover that your not alone there is help and support just ask, go find it and give support because you will find the most amazing partnership, weather it’s in business, friendship or love this is #soulmate connection my #friends, be open to reaching out a friend in need and all that.

WATER ♓ Pisces ~ Feb 19 – March 20
Moving on from: 9 of Fire/Wands
Moving on to: 8 of Earth/Pentacles
Possible Outcome Energy: Hierophant/Unity
Overall Energy for July 2020, Contract.

A time of perseverance and soldiering on could pay off leading to a stable new financial situation #learning and #mastering a new #skill. A pleasing result which could be self employment. Maybe this could lead to like minded people or stepping away from old ways of doing things restricting your expansion and views. Sometimes the old ways once worked but can hold you back, unleash the shackles and break free and step into your new and improved vibrations. #FreddyMercury style I want to break freeeee!

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