Aries – July 2020

Fire Sign🔥

♈ Aries ~ March 21- April 20
Moving on from: Queen of Swords/Air Energy
Moving on to: #Temperance/Balance
Possible Outcome Energy: 8 of Swords/Air
Overall Energy for July 2020, Walking Away.

Here you may be walking away from a situation or person that was mentally head strong, an authoritarian, but soon into a more balanced harmonious energy, giving and taking #equally into #relationships. The overall energy also supports this but walking through the gate looking back and what is being left behind if you do walk away. #Blossoming #abundance and a new path or with the 8 of swords holding yourself back mentally in a false sense of entrapment. But I suppose presently we all kind of are in a restrictive place – but only if we let it, be free all and fly this July…

Published by Ruchy C-Heer

Intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, to help inspire and guide you on your journey called life, with my cards and experiences of life.

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