Libra – July 2020

Air Sign

♎ Libra ~ Sept 23 – Oct 23
Moving on from: 4 of Fire/Wands
Moving on to: Six of Earth/Pentacles
Possible Outcome Energy: 3 of Earth/Pentacles
Overall Energy for July 2020, Angel of Love.

Well from a stable home life and #happier times your possibley going to see that you come to a point where you will feel your not so stable but the 6 of earth says you will have just what you need when you need it do not worry about #finances. Carefully balanced you will find that spark and creativity again maybe learn a new skill ..if you feel lost or alone never fear your #Angel’s are near #guiding you lovingly on your way.

Published by Ruchy C-Heer

Intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, to help inspire and guide you on your journey called life, with my cards and experiences of life.

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