Choices but on a spiritual level.. thats what this is…

Not actually physically

Hey all I took a break…and then some, and routine for posts are out the window so to speak…but I’m good with that…I’m here for personal readings for those who need via phone or videocall.

I like taking a break from social media, had it not be for my Tarot Business I would not have so much social media at all.

I occupy my mind with so much more, but I do like to discover interesting things on here, the and purchases lol…so its all good…balance is key. And of course I have these random messages to give out when asked 🕯
Lock down is still as sombre as ever…but I get it, in a really strange way, why its here…but that’s a debate for another day…I’m still plodding on with it…staying as positive as I can, of course I miss it being my choice to go where I want especially my loved ones who I miss dearly…all those random get togethers and drop bys to my parents I totally miss and most definitely the things I’m so patiently waiting to explore which are so on hold…oh not to forget going out dancing…I totally missss, I could cry but there’s a reason and who are we to reason with the pandemic of the world…we just have to wait, plan and be ready for our time to do all the good things we have oh so wished and are determined to do when we can….

So the guidance that comes today is what I get guided to say…over a few days till 💥 its like say it…SAY IT, SAYIT!…I think I have QUITE the comical guides who like to test…my patience lol.

So, the message I have, (please take as you wish, like, unfollow, may understand if you don’t then thats ok if you know you know!) Anyhow with out corrupting it with my personal ego its basically we haven’t all done growing…I don’t think they mean hight wise…maybe the waist line lol in these Netflix times….but emotionally and mentally and most definitely spiritually…but in finding our true self…I feel like the universe is saying you still don’t see…we don’t need the working six day a week…9 to 5, look at the roads in the morning and after work, who wants to sit in in traffic for 2 hours a day going to and from work…the pollution….well I’m sure form the universe the smoke and dust is a different sight, now there’s a world lock down… we don’t need to keeping tearing down the world to make new things and fucking up all the natural resources around the world…we don’t need to keep pushing our kids to school to be the best and let teachers do everything…the world needs to understand parents need to be around there children more, to know them, be apart of there childhood, listen to them instead of carting from nursery to afterschool to this to that I get parents/people have to work, money don’t fall in our banks to pay the bills but balance its what I’m hearin… Why do we live in a world to be competitive in school grades where they learn only the elite will exceed…frekin league tables…we don’t all need degrees and qualifications what about skills we aquire through knowledge and wisdom and experience…fuck me if we all had office jobs who would do everything else….because all the kids who have missed out on school in 2020/2021….are going to be, just, absolutely fine in there future, just like there ancestors were, and survived without the titles that are so important today in the rat race of a world….Best scores….Best educations Best jobs….well there ain’t no better education than the love and time from your family as a young child learning about good morals, fun and love…the universe, the planet, are saying just that…in the future when we go back to the world don’t go back to how it was which we all wish for so much…I want my kids to be happy and healthy and not tired slogging 5 days a week to school and for me not have to go 5 days a week…drained and shattered and using the weekend to recover when we should be out and about on adventures building memories…but society and so rightly for protection and way of life that is the normal…. im not saying school is not important of course it is and homeschooling is not easy! The UK education system, I’m not critiquing at all this is not a political shout I actually agree to it being compulsory and in the UK school is free unless you pay private but some nations around the world you have to pay school, but I agree with the universe…the world would be a better place if it was a a four day working/school week and 3 day family time and recharge time… thats what Im hearing so thats what I’m saying…I get the material life is a great want …but so is the personal needs of every single living thing on this planet they are just as important…when we disappear from this world its going to be just as when we entered…with nothing but love….peace out Ruchy ❤

Published by Ruchy C-Heer

Intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, to help inspire and guide you on your journey called life, with my cards and experiences of life.

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