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I always thought someone was listening … I’m not sure from what age. As I got older the more interested I became in the “what else is out there kinda a vibe” I was about 21 when I first encountered a clairvoyant/medium/psychic …and had a reading in Blackpool…and well the rest is history…I was hooked. I’m in my late 30’s now and it was about 9 years ago I purchased my first Tarot deck.

In 2017 I graduated…went back into education as a “mature” studentšŸ¤£. It was a great journey, I met some great friends and lecturers. However, when searching for employment and continuing onto my next journey I was stumped ….nothing interested me, I looked into so many roles, companies, careers but nothing made me say wow …I would sit for hours looking into the cards the meanings and do readings for family and friends…for free of course.

Then in 2019 with a little help from my mundane friends and the ones in spirit, I started an Instagram page…

little_hub_of_inspiration… A site of this very journey I am starting on with WordPress. Its a journey with me and my cards to give you, the reader little messages… from my life experiences that connect into your life experinces, offering guidence and inspiration.

And if you want a personal reading. Then I’m just a message away.

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