When I’m in thought – take cover๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒŒ

When you have a thought or a notion of understanding it’s good to share๐Ÿ˜. Sooo tarot it’s a form of guidance, paths and advice, like your a councillor through intuition, spiritualism and/or with/without psychic abilities …with out the BACP. Hoping that the one guiding is true and does it with love, light an positively. But it’s the councillor bit that we do without really realising it.. thats got me thinking… and how psychology is an element that can not be bypassed when being a tarot reader…they are so interconnected together … tarot and psychology. Maybe this is not new to all but it clicked after reading Many Lives Many Masters. A book a very dear person told me about a while back and I had every intention on reading but didnt engage. After the 3rd attempt of trying to absorb its information I finally read the book and could not put it down. As I sit and write this its 16.44 pm…a recurring number sending me a message that I’m on it!…After googling I read about a man Carl Jung. Now I studied psychology and I do not recall seeing this name amongst the many like Freud, Piaget, Brunner and Socrates. So why was this … well it is because his psychology was quiet a mystical route which couldn’t be proven in experiments and evidence. But non the same understand the evidence that tarot and its psychological connection goes back almost 6 centuries. Carl Jung and his archetypal journey. What a ‘G’. And thanx for bringing confirmation to me Mr Jung.

I hope the readings I give, restore/reinforce #faith #hope and #love with #advice and #strength from my experiences and journey’s. Love and light to all Ruchy โค


P.s I created this timeline in my first year of uni..was a task set by a great lecturer if I remember correctly

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Published by Ruchy C-Heer

Intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, to help inspire and guide you on your journey called life, with my cards and experiences of life.

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